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HVAC Mold Remediation

Mold Removal services


Mold is a common issue in commercial building and home interiors with poor humidity control. The US Environmental Protection Agency recommends professional HVAC mold remediation mold is present in HVAC ducts, registers, air handlers or closets. Mold is detrimental for indoor air quality, producing an unpleasant musty odor and causing allergic reactions. Mold can also damage porous objects such as carpets and furniture, forcing building owners to replace them.

HVAC mold infestations require urgent attention as mold​ spores can spread more easily through closed interior spaces. Mold can spread very quickly if left unattended in a moist environment.

One of the major causes of recurring mold in HVAC systems is humidity control. We recommend that your indoor relative humidity stay below 60%. 

 It may be necessary to install a whole house dehumidifier to keep the humidity level down. Mold spores are extremely resilient and will grow back if the underlying humidity problem is not repaired.

  Restorclean Duct System Cleaning is trained and qualified to test your HVAC system for mold and to develop and implement a mold remediation plan.

Our years of experience, coupled with the latest in high-tech HEPA Filtration equipment enables us to safely and effectively clean mold from any type of air handling systems in all types of structures, even Medical Facilities.

As cool air circulates through ducts and vents sometimes moisture will condensate on the inside of ductwork. Dark and warm when cool air is not circulating this provides an ideal environment for mold to grow.

Other common causes of poor humidity control include improper sizing of the AC system or a clogged drain line. An oversized system will run in quick cycles cooling too fast for adequate humidity removal while a clogged drain line can cause moisture, and mold, to collect in the drain pan or condensation line.

Health Issues Associated with Mold in Air Conditioning Systems

Asthma Attacks


Runny Noses


Allergic Reactions

Eye Irritation

Skin Rashes



Shortness of Breath

Sore, Scratchy Throat

How We Remediate Mold In HVAC Systems


We shut down your AC system so that the blower doesn't come on during remediation and spread spores through the home or building.

We follow all EPA recommendations and best practices for containment and cleaning.  kept under negative air pressure.

Registers are removed, decontaminated and cleaned.

Next, we sanitize the Duct system Bacteriostatic, Fungistat and Deodorizer.

 EnviroCON is EPA registered for use in HVAC systems and is highly effective in eliminating odor-causing microorganisms as well as those associated with mold, mildew and bacterial growth.

We then use brushes, blowguns, air whips, and vacuums to dislodge mold inside of air ducts and then to push or pull the mold into specialized collection devices.

Finally, we clean the air handler cabinet.

When we leave, your home or commercial building is free of harmful mold.

ALL fees are established up front before we start.

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